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A Native Of Brooklyn

Lori received her bachelor’s degree from the state university of New York. Upon relocating to the Atlanta area, she studied painting and sculpture at several art centers in the southeast. She has worked in glass since 2002 and has traveled the us, studying with masters at several major glass centers including the studio at the corning museum and Pilchuck glass school, in Stanford, Washington.


Why Glass?

My life has changed in so many ways over the years.
How the heck did i get here? When did this happen?

Very few changes were due to dramatic events that shifted time, place or persons. Instead, most resulted from a series of moment, and movements; one merging, every so subtly, into the next. It was easy to miss the small steps of change as the years passed.

Glass, as an artistic medium, allows the artist to witness, stop, and freeze its revisions over time. Unlike ice or metal, it does not suddenly transform from solid to liquid. As heat is absorbed and gravity comes into play, this medium undergoes changes, becoming every softer until a flow results. Its progressive metamorphosis documents the seconds passing by.

My goal in working with glass is to capture those moments of transformation; for me they are the metaphor for the transitions i have experienced in life.


Artist's Statement


has always held a fascination for me. Being among natural forms engenders a sense of calm in my heart. Our modern existence is dominated by hard lines and sharp angles, as we rush around, constantly bombarded with digital chaos. My hope is that my sculptures and engravings tempt the eye to wander along the flowing lines of color and form; so that the viewer might find herself exploring a cavern or swirling in a spiral of converging patterns. To escape the everyday world, for just a few moments, and engage the imagination.

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